I'm beyond excited about today's results!! So nice to finally see some improvements! I know I still have a long ways to go but seeing results is nice!! In September my swim for Rose City was over 19 minutes!! But the wind was a little rougher....Today I just wanted to say thank you for investing your time helping me. - Leslie Stelpflug, Tatum Tx 

Before I worked with William Ritter I had a plan that would change based on my mood or what I felt like doing that day. If I was lucky, I might get the workout right. The whole key with William as your coach is he is not your typical coach He wants you to succeed and has the gift to call you out when you need it and feel like crap. I won a raffle, but scored a million with William as my coach. He is someone I can ask questions to and I know he will lead me in the right direction. It is not like he knows it all, but he does have a broad knowledge and continues to do his homework to know what you need when you need it. I like having the accountability partner/coach like WIlliam, because he has my best interest at heart. I considered other coach's and one whose camp I went to, I felt like the kid behind the 8-ball, because I did not know or feel like I was getting to know what training was all about.  I recommend William whenever I can. - Steve Ward, Garland, Tx. 


In 2011 I called my gym (24) and found the only trainer with any swim experience, William Ritter. He was a young guy and still in college. He introduced himself as "William T. Ritter"! He was a really confident guy, and he had done plenty of triathlons including Ironman Austin 70.3 before. He had even placed in these events. I thought, this is the guy. 
I just thought I needed to learn to swim, but I figured out after our first training session I needed a lot more than that I learned the fundamentals in our first few sessions including triathlon rules, setting up transition, clothing to wear, and lots of nutrition. He walked me through of what to expect, and kept me calm. We only trained for 8 weeks before I finished my first 70.3. 
I wasn't surprised when I crossed the finish line because I had gotten even more confident during my training. We only met in person 5 times. Let me say that again we only met in person 5 times!! Everything else was through email and phone calls. He taught me how to really bear down in my training when I trained alone. He taught me how to pay attention to what I'm thinking and how I feel when I train. He was kind of like Mr. Miagi from the Karate Kid. 
Today I still train with William. I have gotten 40% faster! Plus I train completely remote! We only skype and send videos back and forth. I have done 4 more 70.3 half ironman distances - even the full Ironman! Don't get me wrong, I benefit from some one on one training every now and then, but for the most part I just need a good coaching an an atta boy once in a while. I have a really busy schedule and I don't have time to meet with a a coach on a regular basis.   - Jeff Adams, Frisco, Tx. 

"Today I still train with William. I have gotten 40% faster. Plus I train completely remote. " Jeff Adams, Frisco, TX

I have loved your coaching. You are timely with planning workouts, easily reachable for answering questions, and provide quick feedback from workouts. You prove very individualized instruction and coaching, not just plugging from a generic plan. Your swimming instruction has been terrific!  You really broke down my issue, and dramatically reduced my swimming workload to what I could actually do without it being a huge struggle. You taught me how to race. You got me faster and stronger, and of course I have I made significant improvements and all distances. We nailed most of the 6 month plan to the marathon. I love the fact you don't mince words! I appreciate direct and to the point communication and you fit the bill perfectly there.  - Dave Gardner, Quitman, Tx 

"Great supportive team with an awesome coach! This team is packed with knowledge, as we share more than our results and race experiences with each other. Everyone has their strength and weaknesses; so we all share parts of our strengths like nutrition/running, shoe advice/recovery tips and such. To hit on the coaching side of things...the swim used to be my strongest leg of triathlon, until I dropped the ball on training for awhile. I had tried to get myself back to my old swim shape, but kept winding up mid pack in the water. Within the first month of training under Coach Ritter I had gained my strong swim back. Now I haven't left the water without being in the front pack. Other than the swim I've increased my bike average by at least 3 mph in the span of 3-4 months. William is incredible at making time to work with his athletes and at pushing them to reach their goals." - Garrett Mayeaux, Elite Amateur, Texas A&M University 

When I started training for my first marathon I got nervous about being able to finish. I visited with a few coaches before going with William. Initially, I was looking to only be able to finish the marathon but in the two short months of training I have PR'd my 5k and my half marathon twice, two months in a row! I'm gaining confidence each weekend that I'll be able to cross that finish line of my first marathon that has been my big goal for 2015 after really just starting to run this past year. Can't wait to see what the future holds for Fly Tri Racing.  - Zibeon "ZB" Serrato, Tyler, Tx

When I decided to do a full Ironman distance race. I knew I would need a great deal of help from a patient coach. Turns out I picked the right one. Coach William has helped me get over chronic lower leg/shin pain. A pain that plagued me for 1-1/2 years and nearly stopped me running completely. He has also been really patient with  my swimming. I do not have a swim background, and had only just learned to swim a year prior to hiring him. I've yet to see him roll his eyes or sigh at my lack of technique, and in fact I believe progress is being made. I  know that I will toe the line in 10 months healthy and prepared to race, because I hired the right coach.  

Just had a swim lesson from Quinton Bryson. He does a great job explaining form and position in the water. I feel like I learned a lot in just one lesson, now I have to move the information from my brain to my body.
You guys seriously need to take advantage of his expertise!!!

-Sherril Wade, Tyler, Tx 

"Big shout out to my man William Ritter, for helping me complete my first 70.3!  With his coaching I was able to put up the best bike splits I've ever done, as well as help me stay hydrated for a hot run that ended up being not so bad thanks to the work we put in during training. I couldn't have done it without you William".  - Stephen Dinger, Tyler, Tx