Hi there, I'm William Ritter and this is the part of the site where I charm  you with my witty banter and attractive family.   Just wait until you scroll further down and see the kids.  

I helped start Fly Tri Racing with my awesome and  gorgeous wife,
​Calley. Not bad, eh?  It's a team effort
​and she does a lot behind the scenes
to make me and the athletes look
​awesome out there at the races. She
performs as the CEO, CFO, CMO, Event 
Coordinator, and sometimes even the
Head Cook. She has done several
triathlons and ultra runs.  

In July 2015 we brought on Evan Ritter as our Assistant Coach.
He is the youngest member of our team. Often times he will be out helping me observe athletes on Saturday morning training sessions and cheer them on at the races. 

Rylan Cooper is our dedicated 17 year old
 teenage valet driver. He will be
learning to drive soon. Allowing him to
park your car instead of ours will give him
the experience he needs.  This is 
at your own risk and you must sign a

By 2017,  it was time for William to expand Fly Tri Racing and he needed to bring on a new Coach to partner with. Who other better than Garrett Mayeaux?  William has had the opportunity to coach Garrett at a very high elite amateur level and Garrett has also excelled in academics and in the band at Texas A&M University. He will be living in Dallas, Texas this fall and a student at Parker School of Chiropractic.  

Next, we've been looking for awhile but wanted a swim coach we could trust who knew what they were doing. In the summer of 2017 we brought on Quinton Bryson a student from UT Tyler with a ton of triathlon and swim related experience. He came strongly recommended and he also happens to be an awesome track and cross country athlete.  

In addition to, Calley, Evan, Rylan, Garrett, and Quinton,  
We have three fuzzy mascots. if you come into our house you may run into these felines, Hazel, Emmy Lou, and Boo!